Exhibition 11: Ask Not ~ Fear Not

Ask Not ~ Fear Not

for clarinet, shakuhachi, and power pole bells

Music created by Anne Norman
in collaboration with Brigid Burke

Duration: 7:05

Ask Not

Fear Not

Composer’s notes:

Ask Not emerged from manipulating slices of a recorded impro session with Brigid Burke involving bass clarinet, shakuhachi and 9 power pole bells pitched between a flat E and a sharp F (a range of less than one tone). A dark and threatening piece. In response, using the tonal material of this first movement, I created a shakuhachi piece Fear Not, which was initially envisioned for live performance with pre-recorded shakuhachi and 3 of the original 9 bells. A melodic line is shared between live performer and pre-recorded performer, becoming denser as other lines emerge. Here, the “live” performer is embedded in the mix.

All sounds and texts copyright © 2006 by Anne Norman

This work was commissioned by the Australia Asia Foundation in 2005 for Sonic Gallery

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


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