Articles on Asian and Cross-cultural Music:

Chinese Music in Victoria, Australia between 1949 and 1995 by Wang Zheng Ting

Vietnamese Music in Australia : a General Survey by Le Tuan Hung

The Changing Face of Australian Identity as heard through Children’s Voices in Kim’s Song by Ros Bandt

Composing for Japanese Instruments by Marty Regan

Quan Ho Singing in Bac Ninh Region, Vietnam by Le Ngoc Chan

Nguồn Gốc Đàn Tranh Việt Nam [The Origin of the Vietnamese Zither Đàn Tranh] by Le Tuan Hung
Language: Vietnamese

External Resources:

Art in the Global Present
Edited by Nikos Papastergiadis and Victoria Lynn. Free eBook from UTS ePress.

Artifice and Integration as Design Considerations in the Creation of Sound Installations and Site-Specific Environmental Music by Ros Bandt

Music Still Ahead of the Game by Warren Burt (16 Annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address, October 28 & 31, 2014, Annotated with sound examples

Power Pole Bells and The Bell Garden by Anne Norman

fMRI investigation of cross-cultural music comprehension by Steven J. Morrison, Steven M. Demorest, Elizabeth H. Aylward, Steven C. Cramer, and Kenneth R. Maravilla

Cross-cultural Similarities and Differences in Music Mood Perception by Jin Ha Lee & Xiao Hu

Some Musical and Sociological Aspects of Australian Experimental Music by Warren Burt

The Relationship between the composer, performer and listener in the 20th century music-making by Simone de Haan