Sonic Exhibitions

Sonic Exhibitions:

Koala Extinction by Ros Bandt

Khai Tâm [Spiritual Initiation] by Đặng Kim Hiền

Withers of Fragrance by Brigid Burke

Oodnadatta Who by Anne Norman

World Voices Musics by Warren Burt

In the Canopy: Meditations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island (Part 1) by Sarah Peebles

Resinous Fold 2+4+3 (for Malachite, Bronze & Cerumen) by Sarah Peebles

Mantra T by Le Tuan Hung

Music from the 2016 Tunnel Number Five Festival of Underground Music

Beneath the Surface by Anne Norman, Anja Tait, Emily Sheppard

Rain Now and Then by Anne Norman

Dragon Dreaming by Anne Norman and Anja Tait, with field recording by David Matthews

The Sea that Connects by Breath trio

Ocean Breath by Breath trio

Perfect Harmony for David Dunn by Warren Burt

A Song for Sky Bells by Le Tuan Hung

Dear Safia… by Michal Glikson

Webs of Life by Dang Kim Hien

Deep Sea Divers by Anne Norman

Tragoudia II by Ros Bandt

Poems of Rewi Alley by Warren Burt

Fractions of Illumination by Brigid Burke

Driftwood Spear by Michael Livett and Anne Norman

Three Japanese Soundscapes by Marty Regan

Two Pieces for Sheng by Wang Zheng Ting

Shadow Dancing by Taran Carter

Melodia Nostalgica by Dang Kim Hien

On a Quivering String by Dang Kim Hien

Ask Not ~ Fear Not by Anne Norman

Grit by Brigid Burke

Devil’s Bridge by Marty Regan

Paper and Strings by Le Thi Kim

A Book of Drones by Warren Burt

Lands Collide by Brigid Burke


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