Exhibition 4: Fractions of Illumination by Brigid Burke

Fractions of Illumination

for clarinet, shakuhachi, percussion and processed electronics

Music created by Brigid Burke
in collaboration with Anne Norman

Duration: 7 minutes

Fractions of Illumination 1 

Fractions of Illumination 2

Composer’s notes:

This composition explores ambient and rhythmic overtones with a continuous pulse created through improvisations with clarinets, shakuhachi and percussion.

Harmonics are used by the clarinet and shakuhachi playing multiphonics, subtones, pure tones and whistle tones throughout.

The second movement takes the material of these improvisations on clarinets, shakuhachi and percussion and creates its own voice of illuminated sound.

All sounds and texts copyright © 2005 by Brigid Burke

This work was commissioned by the Australia Asia Foundation in 2005

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


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