Sonic Gallery

Sonic Gallery is the online exhibition space for new, experimental and cross-cultural music. Sonic Gallery was established as a music initiative by the Australia Asia Foundation in 2004 for the presentation of cross-cultural music. Even though the early exhibitions at Sonic Gallery focused strongly on works by Australian and Asian composers, Sonic Gallery welcomes contributions from composers and sound artists of any nationalities.

Sonic Exhibitions:

Perfect Harmony for David Dunn by Warren Burt


A Song for Sky Bells by Le Tuan Hung


Dear Safia… by Michal Glikson

Webs of Life by Dang Kim Hien


Deep Sea Divers by Anne Norman

Tragoudia II by Ros Bandt

Poems of Rewi Alley by Warren Burt

Fractions of Illumination by Brigid Burke

Driftwood Spear by Michael Livett and Anne Norman

Three Japanese Soundscapes by Marty Regan

Two Pieces for Sheng by Wang Zheng Ting

Shadow Dancing by Taran Carter

Melodia Nostalgica by Dang Kim Hien

On a Quivering String by Dang Kim Hien

Ask Not ~ Fear Not by Anne Norman

Grit by Brigid Burke

Devil’s Bridge by Marty Regan

Paper and Strings by Le Thi Kim

A Book of Drones by Warren Burt

Lands Collide by Brigid Burke

ePapyrus: Articles on Asian and Cross-cultural Music:

Chinese Music in Victoria, Australia between 1949 and 1995 by Wang Zheng Ting

Vietnamese Music in Australia : a General Survey by Le Tuan Hung

The Changing Face of Australian Identity as heard through Children’s Voices in Kim’s Song by Ros Bandt

Composing for Japanese Instruments by Marty Regan

Quan Ho Singing in Bac Ninh Region (Vietnam) by Le Ngoc Chan